Time to Plan

As you begin planning your wedding, you will quickly notice most of your to do’s are categorized by priority in some sort of timeline. What comes first? Depending on where you do your research or who you ask, you will likely get a few answers. No, it’s not spamming your social media followers with engagement ring pictures – although we all do it. In my wedding organizer bought for me by my sweet future mother-in-law, the first three to do’s are as follows:

1 – Announce your engagement to friends and family, and throw an engagement party.

2 – Decide together what kind of wedding you want: big or small, indoors or outdoors, day or evening, etc.

3 – Set a budget and keep track of expenses.

All of these aspects certainly need to be checked off your list early in the process, but I would like to offer another that tops the list – one you wont find on your typical wedding planning checklist: create your wedding brand.

the white closet co Planning for I Do: Create Your Wedding Brand First