Casablanca Bridal Dresses for Different Settings

Suitable Casablanca Wedding Dresses for All Settings

More and more people have started to step away from the traditional church weddings and opt for weddings in different settings. Some choose the outdoors, some choose indoors, some choose vineyards, some choose open yards, and some choose to be by the mountainside, while the others prefer vintage settings. Since there is so much hype on wedding settings, it becomes hard for brides to decide what type of dress they want to be slaying.

It is important to understand the different requirements of each setting so you can choose the appropriate dress for each setting. Luckily, Casablanca Bridal Dresses has something for every setting!

Traditional Church Setting

Sometimes, the seemingly simple makes the most impactful statement.”

Since you are in a traditional setting, it is important you respect the traditional clothing style as well. In this setting, you must opt for a white dress; it must be –somewhat- conservative, and simple. However, just because it is simple, it does not mean that you will not look stunning. This dress is made with matte georgette, making sure it falls elegantly.

Open Yard Setting

In an open yard setting, you will be competing with nature. Although, it is extremely hard to overpower the beauty of nature, we bring to you a beautiful Casablanca original that will ensure you look like an angel walking through nature. This dress features beautiful lace work, embellished with flowers and other patterns. Moreover, it is a body hugging dress that will give you a sexy silhouette while you are walking down the aisle.

Vintage Setting

What better way to walk down a vintage aisle while rocking a bohemian inspired, sexy dress. This dress features a nude body-hugging gown that has a lace pattern all over it. The modern twist is introduced when the thigh high slit is exposed. Along with this, the sleeves are beautiful off-the-shoulder drapes that give this dress a romantic touch.  The last feature of this dress is the deep back neckline.

Ballroom Setting

This is the time you let your inner princess out! The reason is that a ballroom setting requires a princess that steals the show. To make sure you are the princess, we have chosen the ultimate ball gown for you. Not only will you be mesmerizing everyone will the big fluff of this dress, but you will also be rocking a long (and very beautiful) trail that follows you. With an embellished bodice, sweetheart necklines, and laced sleeves, any girl will be living out her dream.

Casablanca Bridal has a dress for all settings! This bridal designer is perfect for the girls that want a modern twist on traditional dresses. With the perfect fittings, exotic designs, and timeless styles, Casablanca will make sure your wedding dress is something no one will ever forget.

Head on over to Casablanca Bridal’s official website and choose the right dress for yourself.

Good luck!