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Choosing the Right Justin Alexander Wedding Dress According To Body Shape

Choosing a dress according to body shape is the most important thing to do. This is so because if you are wearing a dress that doesn’t complement your body, it could ruin your entire look. For your ease, we have chosen Justin Alexander Wedding Dress that will be suitable for the popular body shapes.



Pear Shape – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

You will need to look for a dress that subtly turns into an A line dress from your waist downwards. This way it will accentuate your narrow waste and draw attention away from your thighs and hips. The recommended fabrics would be taffeta or duchesse satin because these fabrics will not cling onto your body.

Busty – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

Girls that have a large bust need to opt for -low- round necked dresses. This way your face will be the main attraction without exposing too much cleavage. You need to make sure you are choosing dresses that have a sweetheart neckline because it will not make you look trashy. Fabrics that have sheen to them should be avoided because they will draw attention to your chest.



Plus Size – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

The best option for you would be an empire dress that opens into an A line. The empire seam must not start under the chest because this way it could make your dress look like maternity wear. Opt for fabric like satin that will give structure to your body because if the dress is too loose, it will make you look bigger.

Apple Shape – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

A dress that clings onto your waistline, then flares out into an A line (or is a ball gown) would be the best option for you. A bodice that has embellishments or textures (lace designs or ruche) will look good. This way your upper body will be camouflaged and give the appearance of a corset. The neckline you need to opt for would be a deep v neckline because it draws attention to you vertically rather than horizontally. You must stay away from trumpet dresses.


Straight Lined – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

When you have a straight body, you need to find dresses that will give you curves. Look up dresses that give you natural curves. A ball gown would be a good option because it will clinch onto your waste before it flares downwards. Fluffy dresses are the best option because they will camouflage your straightness and give the illusion of a full body.

Small Bust – Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

Girls that have small busts need to opt for dresses that will make them look fuller on the top and a dress that will give the illusion of having natural curves. There are dresses that are padded on the chest area or that have extra fabric on top to draw attention.

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