Stella York Bridal Gowns

Mesmerize Everyone with Stella York Wedding Dresses

All brides know that wedding dresses are hefty investments. In most cases, these wedding gowns are only worn once, which makes many brides hesitant in spending a fortune. Unfortunately, the dresses that are available at lower prices tend to look cheap and they have really bad fitting, but we have your back! Stella York is known to create beautiful and affordable wedding dresses that will surely mesmerize everyone.

Whether you want to opt for a traditional wedding gown or a dress with a modern twist, Stella York is where you need to look! The best part is that there are dresses that will help portray your personality, so if you feel flirty, romantic, princess-y, or just elegant, you can find something to your taste.

Here are the top three categories of Stella York Dresses.

Sexy V-Necklines

This category features deep v-necklines with intricate designs that give you a feminine and delicate look. Do not think that deep v-necklines are the only thing this category offers. Along with these deep necklines, you get beautiful dresses that will surely complement your overall body, making you feel even more precious.

Deep necklines are featured on mermaid dresses, maxi dresses, body hugging dresses, and ball gowns, which means there is something for all girls. The dress we chose is a deep neckline featured on a maxi dress that can be worn with open, wavy hair. Doing natural makeup will make sure that your dress is the main attraction.

Flirty Macro Straps

In this category, you will get a variety of dresses that feature minimal décor on the sleeves. This category is best for the girls who are bubbly and outgoing because it will portray their personality perfectly. However, sleeves are not the only thing that is so great about this category. There are multiple dresses that have longer trains while others feature strapped up back designs, making it great for all girls.

The dress we chose has strappy designs on the back and a round train. The round train will elegantly follow as you are walking down the aisle. If you want to truly show off your back, tie your hair in a messy bun, as this will make you look more girly as well.

Stunning Sleeves

Are you intrigued by beautiful sleeve designs? Well, then this is the perfect category for you! The specialty for this category is that it uses sheer fabric on the sleeves and adds delicate designs all over it. This way the dress looks more feminine than it already is.

The dress we chose perfectly executes the idea of sheer covering and delicate designs. This dress would be the ideal choice for girls that are into intricate detailing. Opt for a sleek hair look and bold lips to ensure all eyes are glued on you!

These are the three categories that Stella York has. Every category has a variety of dresses to offer so feel free to visit their site and choose the perfect dress for you!