Being selected as a bridesmaid is a huge honor as they have special duties which no one else has. They are the centre of attention but of course, after the bride and groom.

Hence, it is important that the bridesmaids are dressed to the nines for the main event i.e the wedding! And here are the best of the best bridesmaid dresses which you can shop for in the White Closet Bridal Tampa in the Tampa Bay Area.

Read on to know about these beautiful Bari Jay Bridesmaid dresses.

1.     Side Slit Dress

Do you want your bridesmaid to look stunning but a little edgy too? Then go for a side slit dress that will make them both beautiful but bold at the same time.

An A-line dress with a side slit will look stunning on all the bridesmaids. When the ceremony begins the bridesmaids enter first followed by the bride. The wedding guests will not be able to take their eyes off of the gorgeous bridesmaids walking in wearing their sexy side slit dresses.

If you want your bridesmaids to show off a little more skin then you can choose a side slit dress with a sweetheart neckline. This will give your bridesmaid a chance to flaunt their beautiful collarbones too!

2.      Sequins

Let your bridesmaids enjoy the spotlight by choosing an oh-so-glamorous and glittery sequined dress. A high-shine floral sequin dress with a halter v-neckline will make your bridesmaids look super feminine and stunning.

Another type of sequin dress that you can look for is a strapless sequin dress that has an empire pleated bodice. Wearing this dress will make the bridesmaids look extra stylish and sleek and not to forget sexy too!

A full-length sequined dress is yet another option to consider. Bari Jay offers dresses that have a plain sweetheart pleated bodice with a long sequin skirt. This two-pieced dress will neither be too glittery nor too boring; it’s the perfect example of a sultry yet subtle dress.

3.     Off-The-Shoulder Dress

The hottest and the latest trend these days is an off-the-shoulder dress. Your bridesmaids will not only look chic but en vogue too! Check out this chiffon dress with an off-shoulder . A pro tip to keep in mind while selecting an off-shoulder bridesmaid gown is to look for dresses in light colors like blush pink or nudes to give a more feminine look.

For a flirtier look, choose this lacey off-the-shoulder dress. The dress in an A-line or a slightly A-line dress will be the perfect pick as it complements all types of figures.

4.     High-Neck Dress

One way to make the bridesmaids look both sophisticated and stylish is by choosing a beautiful gown with a high-neck neckline.

A high neck dress that has a rosette collar will make your bridesmaids look super decent and feminine. Remember to pair this dress with an equally gorgeous bouquet!

Shop for these Bari Jay Bridesmaids dresses from White Closet Bridal Tampa, and help your bridesmaids to look super gorgeous!