The bride has the right to look gorgeous on her wedding day.

And if there is anyone second in line for that right, it has to be the bridesmaids.

Well, when the bridesmaids walk down the aisle with the bride, they instantly lift up the entire appeal of the scene, and they help to make the bride look more beautiful.

Hence, it is important to pay close attention to the style and design of the bridesmaid dresses. And that’s why we present to you some amazing Christina Wu Occasions dresses for all the bridesmaids out there!

1.     Sequin Dress

To make a guaranteed style statement, a sequined dress is your best option. It is sparkly, eye-catching and super attractive.

If the wedding bride is planning to go for a heavy embroidered dress with sparkling jewelry then the bridesmaid should go for a sequin dress to level up with the bride. This way, the brides and her maids would both mesmerize the guests with their stunning outfits.

Christina Wu Occasions offer many types of sequin dresses. One of those types is a startling full-length gold sequin dress with a halter neckline. It is the perfect example of glitz and glamour!

If you want to go slightly easy on the sequins then look for a two-piece chiffon top and sequin bottom gown. The dress has a shallow neckline with spaghetti straps which will give the bridesmaids a very sultry look.

There is also a sheath sequin dress with a knee length and full length to choose from! Basically, there are a lot of stunning options to choose from.

2.     Short Length Dress

A short length dress is an ideal choice for a beach or a backyard wedding. The length of the dresses is above the knee making them short but at the same time sassy too.

Check out this beautiful short chiffon dress. The secret to making a short length dress work for an event as a grand as a wedding lies in how well you style it. You can pair up the dress with your killer heels and style your hair in a messy bun to add a wow factor to the entire look.

Another option for a short length dress would be this beautiful lacey dress. The designer dress offers the ultra trendy off-the-shoulder sleeves with a halter neckline. This dress will undoubtedly give the bridesmaids a very modern and a feminine look.

3.     Sheath Dresses

Bridesmaids should be simple, beautiful and graceful. If you are looking for these three qualities then a sleek sheath dress is what you should go for.

A faux lacey dress with a sweetheart neckline will not only make the bridesmaids look decent but ultra trendy too. Another type of lovely dress that to consider is a chiffon sheath dress that has cut outs covered with sheer lace. By wearing this dress the bridesmaids will look smarter, leaner and taller, and who doesn’t want all those qualities?!

These sheath dresses are elegant and will make the bridesmaids look super classy.

By now you must be clearly interested to buy one OR all of these dress. Go to the White Closet Bridal Tampa in the heart of South Tampa. And shop for these lovely bridesmaid dresses!