Bridal Guide: Wedding Dress Silhouette

The biggest dream of every bride-to-be is to look absolutely beautiful and dreamy on her wedding day. After all, it is one of the biggest days of her life.

A gorgeous wedding dress has a key role in making the bride an absolute stunner. When choosing a wedding dress many things are considered, like the color of the dress, sleeves, neckline, but one of the most primary things to consider is the wedding dress silhouette, so that your wedding photographer Hudson Valley, can capture the very best you have to show.

Here is everything you need to know about the wedding dress silhouette so that you can pick the best one for yourself.


  • A-Line


The silhouette is fitted around the waistline and beautifully flows to the ground in a smooth, elongated A-line.

It is the most flattering silhouette which is also super easy and comfortable for the brides to sit and walk around in. An A-line wedding dress gives a very smart and sleek look that perfectly suits all the body shapes.


  • Mermaid


If you have an hourglass figure, a mermaid wedding silhouette is what you should opt for. The mermaid style wedding dress accentuates the curves in the sexiest way possible, making you look drop-dead gorgeous.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that a mermaid silhouette is a body-con dress which means that it is tightly fitted. Wearing this kind of dress can make you feel slightly uncomfortable. So, before you buy this dress make sure that you try it out to see if you are able to breathe easily.


  • Trumpet


This wedding dress silhouette has a fitted body which gives flair from mid-thigh. The dress style is similar to the mermaid style but is only looser in comparison.

The dress silhouette is perfect for body frames that have smaller waists and lean bodies. However, it may not be ideal for plus size women. The look is known for accentuating physical features which may highlight the bulgy stomachs or wider waists/hips of full-figured women, making them look unattractive.


  • Ball Gown


A ball gown is the most traditional and fairytale wedding dress silhouette ever. It is the perfect choice for pear-shaped and apple-shaped women. However, a ball gown is a big no-no for small structured figures as it can be quite overwhelming for their petite body.


  • Sheath


This wedding dress silhouette is perfect for small petite women as it can easily get them the benefit of looking tall and smart on their big day.

The sheath dress gently hugs the body from head to toe, making the bride look sophisticated, elegant and comfortable—all at the same time!

These are the top 5 wedding dress silhouettes you should consider when you are out for wedding dress shopping. The White Closet Bridal has some wonderful wedding dresses with beautiful silhouettes that are worth buying.