Unconventional & Unique Wedding Dresses for All the Brides

Every bride dreams of looking special and unique on her wedding day. This is why more and more brides are beginning to show their distinctive choices and tastes through their wedding attire.

You will typically see many brides ditching traditional wedding dresses for more off-beat dresses like rompers, pantsuits, and jumpsuits. Let’s talk about these jazzy wedding dresses in detail here.

  • Lace Rompers

The best thing about flaunting a romper on your big day, besides the fact that you are wearing a romper (yay!), is you can go super-short and still be totally appropriate, not to mention – super comfortable too.

If you are a tomboy bride and looking for something more you, there is nothing wrong with wearing a sexy lace romper on your wedding day. In fact, you will be able to escape the burden that comes with wearing a heavy bridal gown.

The great part is that you can accessorize well with a romper on.  You can freely sport exuberant hair jewelry or dainty earrings or some pearly hand bracelets, without the risk of going overboard.

  • Fancy Pants

Menswear-inspired looks aren’t just trending in ready-to-wear but this stunning style is just as hot in bridal too.

If big white dresses are not your thing, a sexy-two piece suit can easily do. Another reason why you should invest in this unconventional bridal outfit is that you can easily consider re-wearing it to another special occasion in the future.

Most of the bridal dresses are only one-time wear. Generally, they are so heavily embroidered and over-the-top that even thinking of wearing it to another event seems a bad idea. But fancy pants are something that you can wear it again to various formal events.

  • Jumpsuits

If you are looking for another comfortable and ultra fashionable bridal wear option, try on a sassy jumpsuit. But remember that not your everyday jumpsuit will work on your wedding day. What would be more appropriate to flaunt would be a jumpsuit made from luxurious fabrics like satin or silk. Make sure that the jumpsuit features distinct details like an attractive neckline – plunging V-neckline or a cross-front neckline.

Be chic and girly by wearing a stunning lacey jumpsuit. Trust us, lace would not only add feminine beauty to your ensemble but it will fulfill your desire to be an absolute dreamy bride.  

  • Playsuits

Are you are looking for something playful, stylish, and fun? The playsuits might be the best wedding dress alternative.

They make for pretty daytime wedding outfits especially if you have planned out backyard nuptials, beach wedding or a casual city affair. You can add a bit of glitz and glamour by opting for a playsuit with sequin details or you can be ultra chic by choosing a lace bodice playsuit.

When you have such drop-dead gorgeous bridal outfit options, ditching conventional wedding gowns and dresses seem all worth it. You can click here to find out some of the most free-spirited bridal wear.