5 Wedding Dress Alteration Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

Congratulations! You have finally found your dream wedding dress!

But wait, there is another thing that you might have to consider before you wear this dress on your big day. What is it, you ask? It is the alteration of the dress!

Remember that perfect fit is everything. A well-fitted dress will help you appear smarter and more beautiful. Hence, dress alteration is something you can’t disregard.

Here we explain some of the tips that you should take into account when going for wedding dress alteration.


  • Buy Your Wedding Dress Early


Keep in mind that the process of dress alteration is always quite time-consuming. Hence, it is vital that you buy your wedding dress a couple of months before the wedding day.  

The ideal time to get your wedding dress is 10 months in advance. This will leave you with enough time to consider fittings and tailoring.


  • Schedule At Least Three Dress Fittings


What? Did you think that you may only require one dress fitting? Well, generally, bridal wear salons recommend brides to consider three wedding dress fittings.

Make sure that you schedule the first fitting two months before the actual wedding day. The second fitting should be done about a month before your wedding while the final fitting at least two weeks before your special day. Doing so will ensure that your wedding dress fits you to a tee!  


  • Bring Along Bridal Accessories during Your Fitting Sessions


When you are trying out your dress you can also check if the bridal accessories that you plan on to wear go well with your dress or not.

You don’t want a last-minute-hassle, right?  

Therefore, try out all the jewelry, shoes, and undergarments beforehand. This will give you plenty of time to choose another alternative if any of the accessories don’t suit you.


  • No Need to Freak Out if the Dress Doesn’t Fit Straight Away


It’s ok if the dress doesn’t fit you right away during your first fitting. Your seamstress is there to fix that! Instead of feeling embarrassed or upset, you should directly address this issue with your seamstress.

Tell her openly how the dress makes you feel, what significant changes you would like to see in the dress etc. Don’t hesitate while asking questions from the seamstress. In fact, be honest and let her know how you want your final bridal dress to look like.


  • Bring Along a Trusted Family Member or a Friend


Why is that important? Having an honest family member or a friend will guide you well about the dress fitting. This will help you decide if the dress needs more tailoring or altering.

Avoid bringing in too many people as it would only result in more hustle and bustle.

These are the top 5 tips that you must consider while going for wedding dress alteration. Are you looking for the best place to get your bridal dress altered and fitted? Click here!