The White Closet Bridal Stylists

Sarah Jones

Boots Or Heels?  Heels! A killer pair of heels at THAT!

Ballgown or fitted?  Fitted for sure.

DIY or Hire a pro?  Hire a pro.

Netflix Marathon or Party?  Ooo toughie. Can’t a Netflix marathon be a party?  Netflix.

Dress or Pants?  Dress!

Pool or Beach?  Beach. Nothing better than breathing in the salt air.

Sparkle or Lace?  Lace. It’s such a romantic fabric

Fiji or Vegas?  Fiji.

Dressy or Casual?  Dressy for sure!

Ice Cream or Cake?  Ice cream!

Corset or buttons?  Buttons! I REALLY love when they go all the way down the back of the gown. From neck to train!

Kathy Garcia

Boots Or Heels?  Every girl loves heels once in a while, but ultimately I have to go for comfort. Boots!

Ballgown or fitted?  Definitely ballgown – I can be comfortable, don’t have to worry about the pooch.

DIY or Hire a pro?  As much as I’d like to think I’m good at all those cute DIY projects… I’m not, so hire a pro.

Netflix Marathon or Party?  Netflix marathon.

Dress or Pants?  I like the freedom of pants.

Pool or Beach?  I love the beach!

Sparkle or Lace?  I’m not flashy. I love the simplicity and elegance of lace!

Fiji or Vegas?  FIJI! Clear waters, palm trees, bliss!

Dressy or Casual?  Dressy casual-that way you’re ready for anything.

Ice Cream or Cake?  Can I choose both?

Corset or buttons?  Buttons!

Cindy Rivera

Boots Or Heels?  Hmmm, boots with heels???  YES! High heel boots!

Ballgown or fitted?  I got married with Fitted, but if I can do it all over again – BALLGOWN for sure!

DIY or Hire a pro?  Totally DIY – love crafts – if only I had time for them!

Netflix Marathon or Party?  Definitely PARTAAYYY

Dress or Pants?  Pants for comfort, FOR SURE!

Pool or Beach?  POOL, salt water hurts my eyes.

Sparkle or Lace?  Oooohhh I love LACE! It can be modern yet timeless.

Fiji or Vegas?  FIJI

Dressy or Casual?  Totally a comfy girl – CASUAL!

Ice Cream or Cake?  How about a doughnut? Cake, I guess.

Corset or buttons?  Buttons all the way down!

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