Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Wedding Brides

We all know that shopping for a wedding dress can be a bit stressful for any bride but for the plus-size brides, it can be twice as challenging!

That’s mainly because plus-size brides often find themselves at a disadvantage when they are unable to find a beautiful dress that suits their body or when a wedding dress that they are keen on to buy is not available in their size.

To make your bridal shopping super breezy, we have assembled some amazing tips that every plus-size woman must consider. Have a look!


  • Determine a Budget Before You Go Shopping


You might not know but plus-size wedding dresses are pricier than other sizes. That’s primarily because the manufacturers charge a higher percentage for extra clothing piece, beading, and lace.

So, before you go out for shopping it is better for you to set your budget straight. This would help you figure out which dress you can afford and which you possibly can’t. If you set your heart out on a gown that costs more than you can afford, you can ask the designer if he/she can limit or skip the embellishment.


  • Choose a Figure-Flattering Fabric


The key to looking gorgeous on your wedding day is to go for a fabric that suits your body shape. Thicker fabrics such as taffeta, Dupioni, and Moire are perfect for curvy brides as the thick fabrics help to shrink the figure.


  • Pick Out a Dress That Works For Your Body Shape


One thing that you need to keep in mind is that different body shapes need different wedding dresses. All plus-size women do not have same bodies. In fact, they all have different curves which mean that not every kind of dress will look good on every full-figured woman.

For instance, women with an hourglass body would look more beautiful in a trumpet gown while a pear-shaped woman would look absolutely ethereal in a ball gown. If you are not sure what type of wedding dress will suit your body, try out different styles when you visit a wedding dress store. Make sure that you have a trusted friend or a family member to help you give the right suggestion.


  • Be Patient and Confident


Don’t sweat if you are unable to find the perfect wedding dress. Remember that it can take a lot of time for you to finally find an ideal dress that you would absolutely love to wear on your wedding day.

When you make a visit to a wedding boutique, do talk to the designer openly and let her know what your style is and what kind of a wedding dress you are looking for. You needn’t have to be shy and timid in this regard. It’s your big day, after all!

Follow these simple tips to make your plus-size bridal shopping absolutely stress-free. If you are looking for some stunning plus-size wedding dresses, click here.


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