Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Dress Fittings

Selecting your dream wedding dress sure is fun and exciting but the challenging part begins when you have finally picked out the dress.  

Now that you have the dress, you need to do everything you can to ensure it looks perfect on you on your big day!

There are many things that a bride may not know about wedding dress fittings so we have discussed them in detail here.

When Should You Schedule Your Dress Fittings?

Before you schedule your wedding dress fitting, it is ideal to wait for your gown to arrive.

The best is to schedule your first fitting around 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding so that you have enough time for alterations. You should schedule your next fitting about one month before your wedding day so that you can try out your altered dress.

If necessary, you can even schedule your third fitting just before 1 or 2 weeks before the wedding date. This way you will ensure that your dress is a perfect fit for your body and you will be totally at ease on your big day.

What Should You Bring to Your Fitting?

A bride needs to bring along her shoes, accessories, and the undergarments that she will wear on her big day.

During the fitting, the bride will know if everything else is complementing well with her dress. For instance, if you see that the jewelry that you selected to wear on your wedding day is not looking well with your overall look, you will have enough time to select a new one. You will also have a clear idea how you would appear on your big day and if that’s how you wish to look like.  

How Many Wedding Dress Fittings Are Needed?

Typically three fitting sessions are needed but that can vary. It could be possible that your first fitting goes perfectly well, ensuring zero need for any alteration. This way, you can skip the need for having a second fitting.

However, if you see that your dress is not perfectly altered even during your second fitting then you can schedule four fittings to be on the safe side.

What Should You Expect From Fittings?

Wedding fittings usually last for an hour or so and during your first fitting, you are supposed to tell your tailor or the designer if any adjustments or fixes are needed. Or you can help figure out if there’s anything that needs to be altered with their assistance.

You will meet your seamstress who will be working with you for each fitting until the wedding day so you should know what she is doing. The seamstress will make notes of all the adjustments that are needed and as she is working along with you, you must be able to see how your dress looks and feels to you.

If anything is unsatisfactory to you, you must let your seamstress immediately know so that she can fix it. The White Closet Bridal not only has ideal wedding dresses for every bride but they also have an efficient staff that will help you in deciding the perfect beautiful wedding dress that fits you like a dream!


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